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Enabling you to quickly connect to actionable insights for a more personalised approach to diabetes care.

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The Power to Personalise Care

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform seamlessly connects you and people with diabetes, creating actionable insights so you can deliver more personalised care.

Actionable insights

Quick and easy visualisation of key diabetes data helps you discover patterns and draws attention to areas that need intervention.

Efficient consultations

Simple reports facilitate communication to help patient learning and engagement in their diabetes management.

Efficient consultations

Simple reports facilitate improved communication to help patient learning and engagement in their diabetes management.

Individualised treatment solutions

Timely adjustments in therapy and patient lifestyle can be made.

The modules at a glance

Select what works best for you. The RocheDiabetes Care Platform is an open cloud-based system. It can support multiple devices from different brands – helping you connect to the information you need. You choose the modules you need to create a tailored solution.

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Pattern Detection

Reveals about 20 different patterns used in clinical routine

mySugr App Integration

Connects to one of the most popular diabetes apps worldwide*

Open Connectivity

Compatible with 130+ diabetes management devices

Strip Management for Hospital Pick-up

Real time tracking and automated orders

Home Delivery

Convenient automatic supply shipping.


* mySugr is the highest rated medical app offered in the App Store & Google Play Store with 2 M registered users worldwide

A patient-centred, digital ecosystem

The RocheDiabetes Care Platform is at the heart of Roche Diabetes Care’s open ecosystem. It is designed to support broader access to personalised integrated solutions for people with diabetes worldwide.

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Proven Results

Integrated personalised diabetes management (iPDM) solutions can make a real difference. Results from the use of systems similar to the RocheDiabetes Care Platform that enable iPDM are associated with improvements in patient’s glycaemic control and stronger collaboration between HCPs and patients – this improved collaboration leads to more satisfaction and better outcomes*.

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* Patel NJ, et al. 2018;6(2):30. doi: 10.3390/healthcare6020030. Accessed 2019 Aug 16.

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